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Eligible patients with commercial insurance may pay as little as $25*

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BlinkRx may help you save on your prescription

BlinkRx helps identify potential savings available to you. Phathom Pharmaceuticals and BlinkRx work together to help simplify the process for receiving VOQUEZNA Triple Pak or VOQUEZNA Dual Pak.

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Easy to use. We coordinate with your insurance on your behalf.

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Get the lowest out-of-pocket cost available to you. We identify the cost of your medication and what insurance coverage you have and then apply eligible savings offers.

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Free home delivery. A pharmacy partner will deliver your Rx free to your door.

When your prescription has been sent to BlinkRx by your doctor:

BlinkRx will contact you with details about how to register and use BlinkRx.
You can also register yourself now at 1 (844) 759-0782.
1 (844) 759-0782.