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Flexibility to take with or without food

VOQUEZNA (vonoprazan) is a class of medication called a potassium-competitive acid blocker (PCAB) that works differently than other prescription and over-the-counter medications, like antacids, histamine blockers, and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). Unlike most PPIs, VOQUEZNA can be taken with or without food.

How does VOQUEZNA work?

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After taking VOQUEZNA, the medication travels to the stomach where it binds to the proton pump.

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Here, VOQUEZNA blocks potassium from binding to the pump. This stops the proton pump from working.

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When the proton pump can‘t work, it can no longer produce acid. VOQUEZNA can help suppress acid for 24 hours.

Starts to reduce acid fast

In a study of healthy people, VOQUEZNA has been shown to reduce acid within 2-3 hours and maintain acid suppression over 24 hours.

VOQUEZNA reduces acid in 2-3 hours
VOQUEZNA suppresses acid over 24 hours


VOQUEZNA can help heal and maintain healing of erosions for most adults
with Erosive Esophagitis.